Unleash the full potential of controlled vocabularies.

Illustration of the SkoHub modules SkoHub Vocabs, SkoHub Reconcile and SkoHub PubSub interacting with other open protocols and APIs like ActivityPub or the Reconciliation Service API

SkoHub enables easy management and publication of SKOS vocabularies, widely used in knowledge organization systems across libraries, archives, and educational institutions. By leveraging our tools, users can quickly transform their vocabularies into machine- and human-readable formats using Git-based workflows.

Key Features

  • Git-based workflows: Utilize Git for editorial control, ensuring content is current and accurate.
  • Human- and machine-readability: Access vocabularies in formats understandable by both humans and software.
  • Serverless setup: Run SkoHub without dedicated server infrastructure.

Example Vocabularies

These are some example vocabularies published with SkoHub Vocabs:

Quick Start Guide

  1. Fork a vocabulary repository using the approach outlined in SkoHub Pages.
  2. Edit your vocabulary.
  3. Publish your changes to make them live.

Expand Your Setup

Tested And Used By a Variety of Institutions

For more details, explore the SkoHub blog.


SkoHub Vocabs

SkoHub Vocabs is a static site generator for Simple Knowledge Organization Systems


Status: Stable Beta

This part of the project covers the need to easily publish a controlled vocabulary as a SKOS file, with a basic lookup API and a nice HTML view including links to an inbox for each subject (example). Also, each subject is exposed as an ActivityPub actor in order to be used with SkoHub Pubsub. For details, see the blog post.

SkoHub Pages

The easiest way of publishing SKOS vocabularies


Status: Stable Beta

An example repository that you can fork to publish your SKOS vocabularies using GitHub infrastructure (Actions and Pages). For details, see the blog post.

SkoHub Reconcile

Use your SKOS vocabularies in reconciliation services


Status: Beta

SkoHub Reconcile provides an API conforming to the Reconciliation API specification. V2 and the current draft are supported. To upload your vocabularies use the SkoHub Reconcile Publish module. Try it out on our SkoHub Reconcile test server.

SkoHub Shapes

Validate your SKOS vocabularies with SHACL


Status: Beta

To validate your SKOS vocabularies we developed a set of SHACL shapes. Currently we have a basic SKOS shape that checks against the class and property definitions defined in the SKOS Reference and a slightly stricter SkoHub Shape that has some SkoHub specific constraints.

Inactive Repositories

SkoHub Pubsub

Inboxes and subscriptions


Status: Inactive

SkoHub Pubsub provides the SkoHub core infrastructure, setting up basic inboxes for subjects plus the ability of subscribing to push subscriptions for each new notification. For details, see the blog post.

SkoHub Editor

Describing & linking learning resources, sending notifications


Status: Inactive

The editor runs in the browser and enables structured description of educational resources published anywhere on the web. It includes validation of the entered content for each field and lookup of controlled values via the API provided by skohub-vocabs. For a walkthrough, see the blog post.

SkoHub Extension

SkoHub-editor as an extension for Firefox and Chrome


Status: Inactive

The browser extension allows to easily see the editor and the described web resource side by side.

SkoHub Vocabs – static site generator for Simple Knowledge Organization Systems


hbz The project to create a stable beta version of SkoHub has been funded by the North-Rhine Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz) and was carried out in cooperation with graphthinking GmbH in 2019/2020. This is an Open Source project maintained by the North-Rhine Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz). You are welcome to join the community and contribute!